How It Works

Hang in there! We're here when you need us.

Providing the care necessary to keep a loved one at home can be be daunting and difficult to navigate. That's where we come in!  Friends and Family Caregivers wants to make sure that you are never alone.

We provide all Structured Family Caregivers with a dedicated care team consisting of a Nurse Advocate and Caregiver Advocate.  Your team will work with you, getting to know you and the person you care for, allowing us to implement a care plan specific to individual needs.

In addition to regular communication and home-visits, each Caregiver is given access to a simple online software, allowing them to keep their care team care team updated and ask for support when they need it.

Finally, Friends & Family Caregivers provides each caregiver with tax-free stipend payments delivered weekly.

All of this is done with one thing in mind, to support caregivers in their quest to provide their loved ones with the best care possible.


Caregiver Stipends

Even though most caregivers consider it a privilege to care for friends and family members at home, accepting reimbursement isn't selfish, it's realistic. It means putting yourself in an enhanced position to provide the care your loved one needs.

This reimbursement comes in the form of a daily stipend paid weekly via direct deposit by Friends & Family Caregivers.

Difficulty of Care Income Exclusion

On January 21, 2014, the IRS issued Notice 2014-7. The Notice explained that the IRS treats certain payments for personal care services as "Difficulty of Care payments", which are excluded from being subject to federal income taxes. The exclusion covers income earned through the provision of personal care services, when the Medicaid client and provider live in the same household. 

Structured Family Care stipend payments are excluded from income taxes under this provision if all requirements are met. 


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