It Pays to Care

Keeping you're loved one at home is a full time job.  Now you can get  paid for it, and get other help along the way.  Through Indiana's Structured Family Caregiving program, eligible live-in caregivers receive ongoing support, education and up to $1,200.00 dollars a month of tax-free stipend payments.


How it works

You take care of them.  We take care of you.

What Clients are Saying


So Helpful!

Friends & Family Caregivers has been the biggest blessing for our family, not only because of the economic help, but always being willing to help us find information and resources to take better care of our family.

-RR, Clark County, IN


Simple and Supportive

Friends & Family makes it easy on me as a caregiver.  They've spent a lot of time helping me figure out things I used to have to figure out on my own.  They were able to make the paperwork a breeze by setting it up on my smart-phone.  I wish I'd known about this program years ago!

GS, Orange County, IN



Structured Family Care with Friends & Family Caregivers is an easy way to get help financially. We love getting visits from our nurse and if I need help with anything at all, I feel like I can call. This makes me feel at ease. Thanks Friends & Family for making my life better!

- CH, Gibson County, IN


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